Explore All the Riches of Cyprus with FiGO: Girne Alagadi Beach

Explore All the Riches of Cyprus with FiGO: Girne Alagadi Beach

Alagadi Turtle Beach: Where Nature and History Meet

One of the most popular and enchanting beaches in Girne is Alagadi Turtle Beach, one of Cyprus's natural beauties. This beach is famous not only for its stunning views and clean waters but also as a nesting area for the caretta caretta sea turtles.

The Magical World of Turtles: Every year during the summer months, you can witness the nesting process of caretta caretta sea turtles at Alagadi Beach. Watching these magical moments provides an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. You can observe the nesting and hatching processes of the turtles through tours organized at night.

A Holiday in Harmony with Nature: Alagadi Beach is a perfect escape point for nature lovers. You can relax in a peaceful and calm environment, away from the stress of city life, and enjoy the clean air and natural beauty.

Comfortable and Safe Travel with FiGO

To make your vacation in Cyprus more enjoyable and comfortable, you can benefit from FiGO Car Rental services. By picking up your vehicle from our office at Ercan Airport, you can start your journey to explore Alagadi Beach and other beauties of Cyprus. FiGO's extensive vehicle fleet offers options suitable for every need, making your journey comfortable.

Discover Cyprus with a Rental Car: With the car you rent from FiGO, you can easily explore Cyprus's hidden corners and frequently visited tourist areas. Starting from Alagadi Beach, you can discover Girne's historic castles, magnificent nature parks, and impressive coastline.

Easy Reservation: You can easily make a reservation through FiGO's user-friendly website. By reserving your vehicle in advance while planning your vacation, you can hit the road without wasting time when you arrive in Cyprus.


FiGO Car Rental is the best option to discover the unique nature and historical richness of Cyprus. Especially when visiting special areas like Girne Alagadi Beach, you can have an unforgettable vacation experience with the comfortable and safe vehicles provided by FiGO. Make your reservation now to explore Cyprus with FiGO and witness the enchanting world of sea turtles, and do not miss this fantastic experience.

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