Documents and Information Required for Lefkoşa Rent a Car

Documents and Information Required for Lefkoşa Rent a Car
Before obtaining Lefkoşa Rent a Car service, it is strongly advised to acquire the necessary documents and information for car rental, especially if you are a first-time visitor to this country or if you have previously visited but are renting a car for the first time. The terms for renting a car include certain considerations that drivers intending to rent a car in Lefkoşa should take into account. Knowing these terms makes the rental process smoother.

Requirements for Car Rental in Lefkoşa

The following requirements must be met to rent a car in Lefkoşa:
A valid driver's license with at least 5 years of validity is required.
Passport or identification document used for entry into the TRNC must be with you.
The person driving the vehicle must be at least 25 years old and not be a student in the TRNC.
Once the above conditions are met, the car rental process can be completed.
Anyone who meets these four requirements can rent a car in Lefkoşa. The differences in traffic regulations between Turkey and Cyprus do not prevent driving in Lefkoşa. It is possible to rent and use a vehicle in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with a Turkish driver's license.

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What You Need to Know About Car Rental in Lefkoşa

Knowing what to consider before obtaining car rental services is important for ensuring the safety of yourself and the environment. Vehicles rented from Lefkoşa Rent a Car are only for the person or persons specified in the rental agreement. If someone not named in the contract drives the vehicle, it falls outside the scope of the vehicle insurance. This means that all expenses in the event of an accident or damage will be charged to the person named in the contract. Additionally, individuals not named in the contract cannot pass through police controls with the rented vehicle and will receive fines if they do. The rental contract in Lefkoşa allows for a maximum of 2 drivers to be named.

Documents and Information for Lefkoşa Rent a Car

Those wishing to obtain car rental services must pay the rental fee before the vehicle is delivered or upon receiving the vehicle. The rental fee can be paid in cash or by credit card without commission, but presenting a credit card for the deposit is mandatory during rental. The minimum rental period for car rental services is 3 days. For rental periods of less than 3 days, the rental fee for 3 days is charged. The fuel level in the tank is quite low when renting a vehicle. Since fuel is not refunded upon return of the vehicle, it is advisable to adjust your fuel level according to the return date. You may request additional fuel when filling out the form or making a request for car rental service. The fuel amount will be reflected on your invoice, but the unused portion will not be deducted from your invoice.

To be able to receive Lefkoşa Rent a Car service, your driver's license must be presented as proof along with your identification or passport.

It is prohibited to transfer vehicles rented in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the Greek Cypriot side of Cyprus. Our company allows a maximum delay of 2 hours when delivering rental cars. In case this time is exceeded, a one-day rental fee will be charged. To extend the rental period in car rental services, notice must be given at least 24 hours before the end of the rental period. If the vehicle has another reservation or scheduled maintenance, the extension request may not be granted, but a different vehicle can be provided. Extension requests for rental contracts can be made by phone, but if there is a second extension request, our customer representatives will come to the location of the vehicle for the extension request.

Services Included and Not Included in Car Rental

All vehicles rented through Lefkoşa Rent a Car are eligible for comprehensive collision insurance. Payments for comprehensive collision insurance are included in the rental prices, with a deductible of 500 Euros. Along with the car rental service, you receive your vehicle with a certain amount of fuel. If you anticipate being unable to refuel during your journey or will need additional fuel, you may request extra fuel as part of the service. You can pick up and return vehicles rented through Lefkoşa Rent a Car from Ercan Airport, Kyrenia, and Lefkoşa without additional charges.

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